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Welcome to the Sleaford Branch of Probus' home page, and thank you for visiting.

Probus? Probus is many things to many people, but one of the best descriptions I have read comes from the
Rev Canon Michael P Wadsworth and with his kind permission it is hereunder quoted.


What is Probus?

  The Sleaford Probus Club was formed in 1972. It is open to all business and professional men over 60 who have retired. Meeting in the Solo Club on the third Wednesday of each month at 12.15 for lunch at 12.45pm., it offers friendship and fellowship among members through lunches, talks and a variety of common activities.

Taking you into Probus:

    “The time has come the walrus said

    To talk of many things, -

    Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax,

    Of cabbages and Kings..."

  Now walruses may not be members of Probus, but those folk who are can count themselves fortunate enough to have opportunities as vast as those acres of sand the walrus and the carpenter perambulate. Probus is, after all about self discovery, and about the discovery as well of one's neighbour.

  My neighbour I have just found out is an expert in forensic science – he worked as a police adviser, while that other neighbour used to be a colonial officer in West Africa. Or, there's that man who worked in Formula One, bringing cars up to speed.

  The fact is that Probus is full of layer upon layer of self-disclosure, and a variety of learning opportunities, - all to the good for the constituency Probus represents, viz Business and professional and the retired.

  The monthly lunches are not the only resources Probus offers. Membership brings a chance to play bowls in the A or B teams or to take part in theatre outings, such as the trip to Bletchley Park that took place a year ago, or the visit to Melton Mowbray to watch how pork pies are made.

  Join Probus and fill the small gaps on your life, Probus teaches people to explore the grace and the gift of friendship. ONE CAN ASK NO MORE OF IT.

Rev Canon Michael P Wadsworth 2013

If you are interested in learning more, or joining us, please contact us via: Andyclaxn@aol.com
(If the Email link does not work in your web browser, please email
Andy Clarkson; The Hon Treasurer, Sleaford Probus Club at Andyclaxn@aol.com)

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